Regrets the secret he has to hide (raghnalldruid) wrote in pkmn_breed,
Regrets the secret he has to hide

Starter give away - part 1 (Fire)

Hello everyone! The first revamped theme we're doing is starters, this is the first part, FIRE. I'll list images of each fire starter, and you can claim the ones you want to breed. I ask that you breed a couple and hatch them and also leave a few in the eggs, because some people like eggs. Also: no nicknames unless you're requested.

Charmander (whirlybat)

Cyndaquil (whirlybat)

Torchic (Not Claimed)

Chimchar (Not Claimed)

There is an anime convention coming up this weekend, so I don't know if we should do the give away this weekend or sooner or on monday. Tell me what you think, also: make your claims please. I can try to supply all of you with dittos and magbys if I have to.
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