Regrets the secret he has to hide (raghnalldruid) wrote in pkmn_breed,
Regrets the secret he has to hide

Calling all pokemon breeders.

So... you want to be an elite breeder eh?

In order to become a breeder here at pkmn_breed you most follow the rules and have a Wifi connection.

Also; not everyone will be a breeder here, you must apply. You can be denied if you lack effort in filling out the application.

Breeders DO NOT have to do the themed breed, but they have to throw a give away once in awhile. If you're inactive long enough you'll be contacted.

Breeders are welcome to request pokemon in return, however they must also accept fodder.

All breeders must be approved by one of our mods.

You must fill out the following application with seriousness intended and comment containing it.

Friends code:
Why you think you should be an elite breed:
Ways we can contact you outside of Livejournal:

(Just a note: AR hacking is not welcomed here, if you're caught using AR on here you will be banned. Cloning is only welcomed with unbreedables. We only create honest pokemon.)
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