Regrets the secret he has to hide (raghnalldruid) wrote in pkmn_breed,
Regrets the secret he has to hide

Random breed #1

Okay so before this community was created me and Sami were going to be breeding dragon types for a give away. Me and her already decided and bred the dragons we've picked. Now normally this would've been a complete group discussion and we'd all agree upon who did what, but I figure I'd let the group in on it anyway. Also;sethimothy please post your randoms before taking part, if you choice to take part.

(Ocean is breeding)

(Kingdra is a dragon)

(Vibrava is a dragon and Sami is breeding)

(Altaria is a dragon and I THINK Sami is breeding this too?)

(Ocean is breeding)

Everyone is welcomed to take part, just take your pick and comment, then I'll or Sami will reply and saying "okay" or something along those things, then you'll breed 6 of each, hatch 3 of them and keep 3 in eggs. Then reply again saying you're done. I know there isn't a lot of dragons. This is just a small give away to see this works out. :)
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